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Bathroom Plumbing


Bathroom FixturesWhether you want to restore an old bathroom or make your bathroom more contemporary, we can help. We can bring that old look back into your old Chicago style bathrooms; or install new designer bathtubs and showers that would give your bathroom a whole new look. We are skilled with restoring older bathrooms or making older bathrooms become more modern.

We have access to a large inventory of bathroom plumbing fixtures that are both old and new. Whether you need bathroom fixtures, bathtub fixtures, or shower fixtures, we can help find the perfect fixtures for your new remodeled bathroom.

Our bathroom sink selection allows for customized bathroom faucets from any era. We work with our customers to help with plumbing repairs and specialize in all aspects of bathroom plumbing. We are up to date with all of the modern bathroom fixtures, showers, sinks and tubs on the market. Our history in the Chicagoland  area allows us to quickly realize any mismatched plumbing fixtures and help you bring back that old era look.



Toilet Problems

Most of our bathroom calls that we receive are all about the Toilet Problems, which a few issues include the Toilet Backing Up, Toilet being Clogged, of course Toilet Stopped Up is a popular one too. However there are many other problems you could have with your toilet that go's unnoticed or ignored like Weak Flusher, Strong but Partial Flush, Bowl Water Level Drops or the Toilet Not Working altgether. So if you need Toilet Repair or Service Suburban Plumbing Experts can help get you back up and running.