Schaumburg Grease Traps

Bolingbrook Grease Traps
Bolingbrook grease traps service from our professional technicians is always just a short phone call away. At Suburban Plumbing Experts, we offer efficient grease trap cleaning in Bolingbrook at residential and commercial properties. When homes or businesses have kitchens where people cook with a lot of grease, a specialized device is required to clean kitchen wastewater to prevent a difficult clog. While most family kitchens do not require a grease trap, restaurants or commercial kitchens that have food prepared in grease frequently have these devices to maintain a building’s plumbing equipment. Grease trap pumping requires hiring a plumbing company that has the proper tools to suction the debris into a container for disposal in a different location.

Bolingbrook Grease Traps Inspections

Grease traps are typically located outside a building in an underground location to capture grease from the sewage lines. Because the devices are difficult to reach, grease trap repair requires an understanding of how to reach the device. Commercial kitchen managers should contact grease trap cleaners on a routine basis to perform grease trap cleaning in Bolingbrook. After completing a grease trap pumping, our Suburban Plumbing grease trap cleaners can inspect the device to determine if the device needs a grease trap repair.

Grease Trap Pumping Is What We Do Best

In addition to underground Arlington Heights and Bolingbrook grease traps, some of the devices are point-of-use grease traps that are located inside kitchens near a garbage disposal underneath a sink. When customers contact us to have these devices cleaned and emptied, we know that fast service is required in order for the business to continue operating. These smaller devices require emptying more often because of the smaller tank size, and we must perform high-quality Bolingbrook grease trap maintenance on these devices more often to ensure the equipment is operational. In our geographic zone, grease traps must meet local codes of compliance in order to make sure filthy brown grease does not reach the main sewage system.

The Go-To Bolingbrook Grease Trap Maintenance Professionals

Thousands of gallons of kitchen wastewater can flow through the sewage lines of a commercial kitchen or restaurant and failing to keep Bolingbrook grease traps in perfect condition can lead to a clog. When a blockage in a building’s sewer line occurs, a commercial kitchen may need to shut down until the problem is fixed by our Suburban Plumbing Experts team. To avoid blockages in sewer lines, we recommend scheduling Bolingbrook grease trap maintenance periodically.