Buffalo Grove Grease Traps

Buffalo Grove Grease TrapsBuffalo Grove grease traps are necessary appliances for any professional kitchen. At Suburban Plumbing Experts, we have plumbers available to perform Buffalo Grove grease trap maintenance at residential and commercial properties. Grease trap pumping is especially important for restaurants, schools and medical facilities where large amounts of fried foods are prepared. By having a grease trap installed in a commercial kitchen, it is less likely that a sewer line will have a collection of debris that creates a blockage. If a kitchen’s manager suspects that the device is not working correctly, then an emergency grease trap repair is essential to prevent a backflow of kitchen wastewater into the plumbing fixtures.

When a backflow does occur, a manager may need to close a kitchen until the grease trap cleaners are able to remove the debris.

Professional Grease Trap Cleaners

Grease trap pumping is required on a routine basis to remove the cooking oils and food particles from a collection device for safe disposal. At Suburban Plumbing Experts, our technicians understand how to complete grease trap cleaning in Buffalo Grove according to local regulations. We suction the debris by using efficient grease trap pumping equipment, and the oily substance is kept in a container before it is transported to a treatment plant for processing. By taking care of Buffalo Grove grease traps, a restaurant or commercial kitchen manager can avoid financial penalties from the government authorities who regularly inspect these devices for compliance. If you’d like to know more about our professional grease trap services, just click HERE.

Make Sure Kitchen Wastewater Flows Correctly

Our technicians at Suburban Plumbing Experts can provide a recommendation concerning how often a kitchen should have its Buffalo Grove grease traps emptied. When a commercial kitchen has an increase in its daily business, more grease trap cleaning in Buffalo Grove is necessary to keep the device working correctly. An important part of Buffalo Grove grease trap maintenance is making sure all of the components of the device are working properly to avoid an emergency service call that requires the closure of a kitchen. To learn more about kitchen wastewater and grease traps in general, click HERE.

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We can complete a grease trap repair on a point-of-use device that is located underneath a restaurant’s kitchen sink, or our technicians can fix a larger system that is buried underneath the ground outside of a medical facility’s kitchen to prevent spilling hundreds of gallons of grease into a municipal sewage system.

For fast and reliable service for any and all your Buffalo Grove grease traps, we’re the go-to team of plumbing professionals!