Burst Pipes

Burst Pipe


Water Pipe Burst


Water expands when it freezes. Therefore, if there is water inside of your pipe, it has the ability to expand in the same manner. Although many homeowners believe that burst pipes are caused by frozen pipes or ice forming inside of your pipes, this is not necessarily the case.


It is not the ice forming inside of your pipe that causes it to burst. The frozen water does, however, cause expansion. The expansion from the frozen water cause water pressure to build up between the area where the pipe froze and the plumbing fixture that is not being used. Burst pipes often occur in areas of your pipe that have not yet froze. That is why homeowners often see icy water immediately leaking out of the pipe that burst.


Tips for Burst Pipes


No matter how big or small your burst pipe situation is, you want to shut off the main water shut-off valve to your home immediately when you realize there is a problem. It is typically located where the main line enters your home or at your water meter.


If you are experiencing an extreme situation such as a flooded basement, it is best to shut down the electricity in your home as well. Live outlets and electrical cords that are submerged in water can cause electrocution.


If the water from the burst pipe is not icy but rather warm, you should immediately close the valve that is attached to your hot water heater. If you notice a burst pipe but realize it is frozen for the most part, keep it frozen. Do not attempt to thaw it because water damage can become very costly.


After you have shut of the main water supply to your home, call the professionals at Suburban Plumbing Experts. We have the knowledge and expertise that is required to repair or replace burst pipes of any size.


Burst pipes are very stressful and can become overwhelming. It is important to located your water supply shut-off valve to your home and know exactly how to turn on and off the water supply to your property. You should also take note of Suburban Plumbing Expert’s number so it is on-hand in case of any emergency.


We understand that our experts are never called out for an appointment at an opportune time. From the moment we arrive at your home, we will be on time and ready to work. Rest assured that when you choose Suburban Plumbing Experts, you are choosing high quality at some of the lowest rates around. Do not hesitate to contact our office today!