Drainage Tile



The Purpose of Drainage Tiles and Seepage Tiles


Drainage TileA drainage tile system is also commonly referred to as a French Drain. It is used to collect water seepage and redirect it away from your home. Drain tile or Seepage Tiles can be installed either around the exterior or your home on around the interior perimeter of your home’s foundation. Drain tile is typically made of PVC piping that has weep holes on one side. This perforated pipe is set inside of a trench and then thoroughly covered with gravel. The rest of the hole is then filled in. The water that gets collected inside of the drain tile gets redirected away from the foundation. This is typically done by allowing it to travel to a sump pump.


Interior Drainage Tile


Interior drainage tile can be installed in several different places. This includes underneath the foundation, within the edges of the foundation, and above the foundation slab. The most common place for the installation of drain tile among homeowners and contractors is underneath the foundation. The installation of drain tile underneath the foundation in homes that already exist starts by removing a foot or two from the concrete floor in the crawl space, basement, or lowest part of your home. A trench is then dug out and the drain tile is placed inside. After it is covered with gravel, it is then filled back in with new concrete.


Exterior Drainage Tile


Exterior drainage tile is also referred to as footing drains. It is typically installed during the construction of a new home but can be installed or replaced at any time. Exterior drain tile is a piping system that surrounds the outside of your home’s foundation to collect unwanted water. It then redirects this subsurface water so that is doesn’t move through the soil that touches your home. Exterior drain tile is one of the most effective ways to control unwanted water on your property. If it is not installed at the time of new construction, the surrounding area of your home must be dug up in order to successfully complete the installation. Keep in mind that this also includes digging up shrubs and landscaping that may be in the way of the drain tile that needs to be placed around your home. This drain tile will direct the water into your sump pump pit so that it can be pumped put and redirected away from the foundation of your home.


What Drainage Tile is Best for your Home?


Many homeowners wonder what type of drain tile is best for their home. The Suburban Plumbing Experts are highly experienced in the installation and replacement of both exterior and interior drain tile. When you make an appointment for a free estimate of your drain tile system, we will assess your property and determine what type of drain tile is best for your home. Sick of getting water in your crawl space or basement? Pick up the phone and call the Suburban Plumbing Experts at (800)808-8863 today!