Hydro Jetting

hydro jetting

What is Hydro Jetting?

So many people have heard of the term ‘hydro jetting’ when it comes to plumbing; but how many people know exactly what it is? Hydro jetting is the high-powered stream of water that rushes through your pipes to unblock any clogs or build-ups that may be in the way of free-flowing water. Water is a very powerful tool in plumbing. Just as awful as it can be when water becomes a problem or emergency in your home, it can also save the day! A hydro-jetter is a machine that shoots out water with high pressures of up to 4,000 psi! If you are having problems with your sewer or pipes, this may be the better fix. Many people jump to the conclusion that their sewer needs to be repaired or replaced when it just needs a good hydro jetting. It is also easier on the pockets.




How does hydro jetting work?

Almost every single home that is made has something called a cleanout. This is a bigger opening located somewhere around your home to help plumbers get to your pipes more easily to better rid them of any clogs or debris that may be stopping your free flowing water. A hydro jetter has a large tank of water connected to a hose and when the nozzle is turned on it is placed in the cleanout and shoots out water with pressures up to 4,000 psi at 18 gpm. The water in your home naturally flows in a downstream current. Hydro jetting it shot out to defy gravity and go against that current to knock loose any clogs or debris in your plumbing system. When the water breaks up the clog it will then travel back downstream and right out into the sewer.


Can I just get my pipes rodded out?

Sometimes a typical rodder can unclear any clogs, debris, or roots that are blocking your pipes from free flowing water. However, a hydro jetter would come in to play when you need more than a solid snake. A rodder is a very efficient tool but sometimes isn’t enough to entirely clear out an awful blockage in your system. A hydro jetter blasts through the entire perimeter of your sewer pipes for a very powerful cleaning. A simple camera inspection done by your Chicago Plumbing Experts plumber can determine what tool your pipes need to address your plumbing needs.