Palatine Backflow Prevention

Palatine Backflow Prevention
Palatine backflow prevention, when performed by our team of professionals, is fast, affordable and always just phone call away. Backflow prevention is an important component of any residential or commercial plumbing system. Backflow occurs when a pressurized potable water source temporarily loses pressure or when the pressure in a drainage line exceeds the pressure in the potable water line. This difference in pressure may allow used and possibly contaminated water to back up into the potable water line. Backflow into a water service line presents a serious health threat to people who could consume the contaminated water and also creates headaches for those who must clear the water lines and provide access to auxiliary water systems after a backflow event.

Cross Connection Control Systems

A wide variety of cross connection control systems have been designed to prevent dangerous backflow situations. The most basic way to prevent backflow is to leave an air gap between the potable water line and the drain. More complex backflow preventers consist of a series of valves that block the reversal of flow even if the pressure in the potable water line falls below that of the drain line. Backflow prevention devices may also serve to provide limited flood control from backed-up sewage lines. Backflow preventers must be installed by an expert plumber. The team at Suburban Plumbing Experts has a wealth of trusted experience with installing backflow prevention systems in and around Palatine.

Reasons To Call Our Palatine Backflow Prevention Professionals

Backflow is likely to occur when large quantities of pressurized water are diverted from the supply line. This can happen when a water supply main is damaged or when a hydrant is tapped by firefighters. Completely closed plumbing systems, such as toilets and lawn irrigation systems, are also more likely to lead to backflow situations. Toilet backflow and the health hazards that it presents are particularly problematic, but the right Palatine backflow prevention company can install a toilet backflow device that eliminates the possibility of contaminated sewage re-entering the water line.

Backflow Prevention Devices In Palatine

Whether used for inside plumbing or to prevent cross connection with lines used for lawn irrigation in Palatine, all backflow preventers must be properly maintained and tested by a professional plumber on a regular basis. For more information on backflow prevention devices in Palatine or about flood control, auxiliary water systems, lawn irrigation in Palatine or any other product or service that we offer, contact Suburban Plumbing Experts to request a service call today.