Pipe Thawing



Pipe Thawing


Problems with Frozen Pipes


One of the first signs of a frozen pipe inside of your home is turning on a plumbing fixture and experiencing little to no water flow. If you experience a “no water flow” situation, the first thing you want to do is turn off the main water valve to your property.


It is important that you do not attempt to thaw out any pipes that you feel may be frozen with an open flame such as a torch. It is also dangerous to attempt pipe thawing with a hair dryer or electric heater. If water leaks then you will run the risk of getting electrocuted!


The Suburban Plumbing Experts recommend calling a professional to thaw out your frozen pipes. You want to take care of the situation promptly because frozen pipes have a tendency to burst. Water damage from burst pipes can be catastrophic and extremely costly. Our licensed experts have the knowledge and experience that is required to unthaw your frozen pipes in a safe and efficient manner.


Professional Pipe Thawing


Pipe thawing can be a very time-consuming process. When your main line is frozen, you will not have any water going to your home whatsoever. We use currents to unthaw frozen pipes.


Our professionals will hook up the cable to one end of the pipe and take the other cable to the other end. We then use numerous currents to unfreeze your pipe. These currents only last about 15 seconds each interval. Our high amp electrical welder is the key to successful pipe thawing.


It is important for a professional to conduct this type of service when thawing pipes because there are many risks involved. From damage to your pipes to electrocution, leave the dangers to the Suburban Plumbing Experts. We are always standing by waiting for your call!