Sewer Camera Inspection

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Sewer Camera Inspection


sewer camera inspection


Camera Inspection for your Pipes


When it comes to your piping system, a Sewer Camera Inspection or a Sewer Video Inspection can often be your best friend. It allows you to see what’s going on inside your pipes without having to break ground. When your main sewer line gets clogged, sewage can back up into your home. There are many causes for a clogged sewer line. The most common causes include:


  • Tree Roots
  • Paper Towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Feminine Hygiene Products


The sewer main is a vital part of your home’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not pay attention to it because it is not visible to the eye. It doesn’t get attention until there is already a problem and a disruption is caused in your plumbing. A sewer camera is a great way to check out your plumbing system and see what’s going on underneath the ground. This will determine if your sewer needs repair. This small camera will show what’s in your pipes and will eliminate the high costs of “exploratory plumbing”. If your pipe is not broken, your plumber will often recommend a sewer rodding or hydro-jetting. Check out our rodding and hydro-jetting pages for more information about these services.


Clearing your Pipes


When you notice a clog in your home, it is important to deal with the situation right away so the problem does not get any worse. Located the shut off valve where the clog is located and turn off the water. If your main line is clogged, shut the water off at the main. Be sure to call a professional at the Suburban Plumbing Experts. We offer same day appointments and 24/7 emergency services. Your plumber will first locate your sewer cleanout. This is usually a white pipe near your home that is capped off and low to the ground.


After your plumber assesses the situation, he will go over all of your options. Whether you need a thorough sewer rodding or a powerful hydro-jetting, we will get your pipes cleared so you can get your life back to the normalcy it once was. If you are experiencing a clogged pipe, pick up the phone and give us a call now!



Sewer Line Repair Solutions. 


Suburban Plumbing Experts can provide a video sewer inspection to see if a sewer line repair is necessary. The miniature camera finds out exactly what and where the problem is without the big expense of “exploratory” plumbing. Video inspection can also confirm the structural condition of your lateral pipes. It can tell you if an auger or high-pressure flush can solve the problem, or if more extensive sewer line repair is needed.