Sewer Water line repair

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Sewer Tree Roots



Tree Roots in La Grange IL

It is not uncommon for homeowners in the Chicagoland area to experience a problem with Sewer Tree Roots inside their sewer pipes at some point during their lives. As many of us already know, mature trees add a generous amount of beauty to your landscaping. There is also the added benefit of shade around your property. However, trees can cause a severe amount of damage to your sewer pipes. It is natural for tree roots to seek out the water and moisture that is needed to survive. What better place than your sewer pipes? Your sewer pipes not only contain water, they contain the oxygen and nutrients that trees need to grow. Roots are very strong and have no problem penetrating through your sewer pipes to fulfill their needs.




Sewer Blockages and Unclogging Pipes


When trees sense and follow water sources, there is no need for them to travel elsewhere unless there water dries up. Once they enter the pipe, the problems begin. Tree roots that grow inside of sewer pipes are one of the most expensive home maintenance problems in the Chicagoland area. They are responsible for a majority of damaged pipes and sewer backups around the city. The professionals at Suburban Plumbing Experts can remove tree roots in two different ways. Our state-of-the-art power rodders are often strong enough to break through roots and remove them from your pipes. Even stronger, we offer hydrojetting services that do a thorough pipe-cleaning job.


It is important to realize that once you start to have problems with tree roots in your sewer pipes, this problem is likely to occur again. The roots can be successfully removed from your pipes but since the tree is still alive, the roots are likely to grow back. Proper and ongoing maintenance will likely be required on a consistent basis. Sewer pipe replacement with extra protection from tree roots may be a more logical option if you are experiencing a severe tree root problem. It is best to call out a licensed plumber at the Suburban Plumbing Experts to assess the situation with a sewer camera. We will go over your options so that you can make an educated decision about the plan of action for your sewer pipes. Free up your pipes by calling at (800)808-8863 and making an appointment today!