Streamwood Grease Traps

Streamwood Grease TrapsWhen Streamwood grease traps are concerned, our plumbing professionals are the ones to call. At Suburban Plumbing Experts, we understand that restaurants deal with a lot of kitchen wastewater. Dealing with kitchen wastewater can be a challenge, especially when that water has a lot of greasy, oily and fatty molecules in it. With our professional grease trap cleaning in Streamwood, business owners can enjoy fully functional plumbing systems that are in compliance with local and state health and building codes. To learn more about our Streamwood grease trap services, click HERE.

If you need service of any kind for your Streamwood grease traps, then we’re the company to trust. Give us a call to schedule grease trap service today.

The Importance Of Streamwood Grease Trap Maintenance

The goal of our Streamwood grease trap maintenance services is to make sure that waste water is able to flow through the plumbing system without any obstructions. We recommend that businesses dealing with large amounts of grease on a regular basis have grease trap cleaning in Streamwood every 12 to 18 months. For businesses that deal almost exclusively with grease, such as places that make fried foods, our grease trap cleaners may need to come as frequently as every 6 months. Maintaining Streamwood grease traps includes an inspection of all entry and exit pipes and a disassembly and clean-out of the traps. Our technicians at Suburban Plumbing Experts also do a test to make sure that none of the grease is being dispensed into the sanitary sewer system.

Grease Trap Pumping Services

Grease trap pumping is done to remove the solidified grease from the trap. This is necessary because a clogged trap may cause a back flow of waste water to enter the bathroom or kitchen space of a business. This in turn can cause a business to shutter its doors until the problem is solved. At Suburban Plumbing Experts, our technicians are able to do a pumping service within just a few hours. If needed, our grease trap cleaners can come after-hours so as to minimize any disruption to your business’ operations.

When To Schedule Grease Trap Repairs

When a grease trap or business plumbing system is showing signs of a clog or backup, our plumbers at Suburban Plumbing Experts are ready to help. The signs of an imminent problem with a grease trap include a foul smell, bubbling, slow draining and water backups. At the first sign of a problem, a grease trap repair visit should be scheduled. Making repairs to a grease trap is faster and simpler when the problem is small. If you’d like to learn more about grease traps in general, then visit this page.

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